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Marketing can't take a backseat to Driving the Vision, Raising Cash, and Developing the Team.

Start-up marketing is different

Your team needs unique skills and experience.
Multiple Roles

Start-up marketers must simultaneously wear multiple hats to maximize their value to the company.

Constant Change

Start-up marketers must have the poise and maturity to deal effectively with numerous pivots and challenging people.


Start-up marketers must produce quality output under tight time-frames and with minimal direction and support.

Technical Skills

Start-up marketers need to understand your enabling technologies and the software used in online marketing programs.

Research & Financial Analysis Skills

Start-up marketers must start with good data and be able to quantify key metrics like Life-Time-Value and Cost-per-Acquisition.

Storytelling Skills

Start-up marketers must deliver programs that move customers along their buying processes with both emotion and reason.

Strategic Marketing Foundation

You create success, and cash, by creating value. You build sustainable value on a foundation of 3 marketing initiatives.
<div class="key-programs-title">Positioning & Messaging</div>
Positioning & Messaging

Positioning is the perception that your audience has about the value you provide. Strong positioning means it's obvious how your unique solution solves important problems.

Value is the relationship between Utility and Cost & Price.

Branding is the combination of messaging and media that triggers emotional responses and creates a positive perception of the value you provide.

Develop strong positioning before making significant marketing expenditures.

<div class="key-programs-title">Validation</div>

Market conditions and investor expectations change. You must constantly validate your value-add.

  • Business Plan Validation
    • Financial Model
    • Life Time Value
    • Cost-per-Lead / -Conversion / -Acquisition
    • Cash Requirements
  • Functional Validation
    • MVP Scoping
    • MVP User Satisfaction
    • Customer Experience
    • Distribution Channel Fit
<div class="key-programs-title">Customer Acquisition</div>
Customer Acquisition

Your customers research their options online. You need to make it easy for them to find helpful, and favorable, information.

You need to develop content that matches their buying-process.

  • Top-of-Funnel
  • Middle-of-Funnel
  • Bottom-of-Funnel

You need to distribute that content on the right channels.

  • Organic
  • Paid
  • Earned

What we do

Audience-focused and data-driven marketing services to help you reach your goals.
Customer Development

All organizations can benefit from the Lean Startup principle of Customer Development where discovering and validating target customers is the only path to a scalable and repeatable business.

Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now all about creating and distributing keyword-rich Owned, Earned & Paid text, image, and video content that your audience will share.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing requires audience targeting, content creation, content promotion and impact analysis.
Mobile Marketing
Optimized content and UX on organic & paid properties is required to convert prospects showing the greatest buying-intent.
Website Analysis & Design
Effective websites present the right content organized around calls-to-action that drive conversions leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.
Public Relations
Messages will only reach large and relevant audiences when you identify and nurture the right reporters and social media influencers.
Smart Money needs a tight story and a solid financial model write the check.
Video Production
Effective storytelling and persuasive videos call for goal-driven concept development, production, and post-production.
Brand Development
Your images and words to communicate your positioning must trigger positive emotional responses from your target markets and audiences.

Who We Are

Seasoned professionals ready to help you focus on your other #1 priorities: Driving the Vision, Raising Cash, and Developing the Team.

An experienced team ready to apply the skills and experience we've developed while producing digital and mobile marketing & PR programs for start-ups, venture-funded firms, enterprises, and non-profits.
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